Chris width=  Current Location:
St Joseph, MO
 What do you do in the band?
Try to keep up
 Favorite Song Retro@ctive does?
Too early to tell - leaning toward Lets Go Crazy
 Favorite Song Retro@ctive will never do?
Albuquerque by Weird Al Yankovic
 How old would you be if you didn't know your age and why?
I don't know that I would really worry about it. I generally don't act my age as it is now.
 What is your favorite 80's movie?
This Is Spinal Tapp
 How did you arrive at this band?
In my van
 What do you do when you're not rocking the stage?
stilt walking, unicycling, sword swallowing and juggling (better at some of these than others)
 If you could get a message out to a large number of people, what would that message be?
Watch what I can do!
 What hobby would you like to take up?
fire eating... I am not kidding
 If you didnt play the instrument you currently do in this band, which would you play and why?
I would sing. Tons less to set up and tear down.
 If you had to change the name of the band, what would you change it to and why?
Mr. Greenjeans or Here's Johnny! I have no idea why.
 What advice do you generally offer?
Rather than have a job you love, have a job you can tolerate so you'll better appreciate and look forward to the time away from it.
 Anything else???
Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.