80's Word of the Day
Excl. Someone has just done something very stupid. ex: “Nice move McFly” origin is the 80's movie, Back to the Future.

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We are single-handedly keeping the 80s alive and fun!
If you like 80s music, then you'll LOVE Retro@ctive!

While other tribute bands emulate one particular artist or band, we bring back the sights, sound and memories of that decade when MTV actually played music videos. The 1980s! We dress the part and encourage our audiences to do the same. We play the iconic songs that people recognize, love and sing along with.

Anybody can learn to play some songs and call themselves a band but we are entertainers. We are 6 live musicans playing real instruments (no backing tracks here!) We are all about creating an Experience. We take the audience on visual and sonic ride and we have a great time in doing so.

So whether you're into the pop tunes of Madonna and Michael Jackson, the hair metal of Poison and Bon Jovi, the dance hits of Prince and Salt-n-Pepa, or iconic 80s rock from bands like Journey and Guns 'N Roses you can be sure that you will love the Retro@ctive show.

You've taken the first step by visiting this site. Now take the next step and come to our show. Check out our show dates while you are here.

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These are just a few of our upcoming shows.
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Friday August 31 Depot #9 at Ameristar Casino Kansas City, MO Tiny Cube
Saturday September 01 Depot #9 at Ameristar Casino Kansas City, MO
Friday September 14 American Royal Kansas City, KS
Saturday September 15 Royal's Retro Night Kansas City, MO

August 19, 2018

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